Tourist Businesses Expect Great Numbers This Summer

In the aftermath of COVID-19, small businesses are in need of a big financial boost. Luckily, 67-percent of Americans are planning to travel this summer. With more people taking vacations this year, the hospitality, leisure, and tourism industries are expecting great business. This comes as a huge relief but not without adjustments to ensure safety for employees and customers alike.

What can small businesses of this niche expect in this post-COVID environment?

Socially Distanced Travel

Despite vaccination rollouts, people are still looking for ways to stay socially distant. That means the average getaway spots that attract larger crowds like New York City or Disney World may see lower attendance. But, destinations that easily allow for social distancing can expect more visitors than usual.

Outdoor venues like national parks and monuments, outdoor music venues, and restaurants with outdoor seating can all expect higher visitation. Spaces like these offer people peace-of-mind with their open-air and spaced-out settings.

Importance of Vaccination Rollout

As motivated as travellers are to escape, they say it largely depends on vaccination rates wherever they are going. In early February, shared that only 11-percent of people surveyed said they would feel comfortable staying in a hotel after the vaccine rollout. 17-percent also said they would feel comfortable traveling when they are personally vaccinated.

But now, four months later, 57-percent of adults say they would feel safe staying at a major chain. Evenso, most adults are not as comfortable travelling by airplane, but would rather travel by car.

For all these reasons, it’s clear that car rental companies, big hotels, bed & breakfasts, and airbnb hosts will see great business this summer.

Demand for Travel Agents Increases

Travel agents and travel companies should especially see growth over the summer months.

With so much uncertainty surrounding travel safety and mixed information online, people will continue to heavily rely on travel experts and agents to plan their itineraries.

Travel has become increasingly complex due to COVID-19. Travel agents are extremely  valuable to decipher health regulations and airline restrictions that change from company to company, state to state, and country to country.

Planning a trip can be quite overwhelming as it is, let alone after a tumultuous year. Travel agencies exist to make it easier on tourists craving that long-awaited vacation. .

Less Group Tours

It’s difficult to stay 6-feet apart when exploring a tourist destination. It’s even more difficult when you’re on a tour with several other people. Travel companies will have to adapt and reorganize their itinerary structure if they want to stay in business.

For example, they could provide options for extended family groups, teammates, and colleagues or create individual options for solo-travellers, couples, or young adventurers!

Changing Transportation Expectations

Travellers will most likely opt for road trips rather than buying plane tickets. With changing regulations and health codes that they may not necessarily agree with, driving is the safer option. That means an increase in business for small road-side convenience stores and old towns that don’t usually get visitors, as well as RV rental companies and camp sites.

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After a challenging year for small businesses, it’s more important now than ever to plan ahead and prepare for a successful summer. Small business owners never want to get stuck in a financial situation such as the one brought on by COVID-19 again.

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